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At Journey East Africa Expeditions we understand the value of a strong and healthy team during all our journeys.

We value the contribution of each and every member of our staff and we make sure they are all well taken care of.

Our founder started off as a porter 23 years ago and understands the work and dedication that the porters and whole team bring to make a successful climb for every climber.

Our mountain team are all given recommended wages, three meals a day and are put in good tents and they carry luggage weight according to the mountain authority recommendation.

Journey East Africa Expeditions is a proud partner of KPAP (Kilimanjaro Porters Assistance Project) and follows Porters treatment guidelines, our team porters are being put in nice tents and are given three meals a day during the hike and are paid a recommended salary by Kilimanjaro national park authorities.

KPAP raises awareness on the proper treatment of porter on Kilimanjaro and will assist climbing companies to adhere to proper procedures that will ensure proper treatment of porters. KPAP lends its members climbing gears for free and offers educational classes to ensure porters understand their rights and motivate them to see it as a decent occupation where they can make a living and become more and even mountain guides in the future.

KPAP monitors our every trip by including one member of their team to ensure that porters welfare are being met and add value to our ethics and transparency towards our treatment of our mountain crew.

We are proud to be part of this initiative and continue to be a supporters of fair treatment of all our mountain crews.

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