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If you have booked one of our Tanzania safaris or Zanzibar holidays, you must apply for a Tanzania visa. you will apply for the Tanzania visa on the spot at the airport in Tanzania. If you decide to apply for the visa on the spot in Tanzania, it is therefore smart to have dollars in your pocket.

Apply for a Tanzania visa 

The visa can be applied for via the link below. This is the only official link from the Tanzanian government. https://eservices.immigration.go.tz/visa/
Since January 2, 2020, visas can no longer be applied for in the embassies.

Apply for a visa in Tanzania

There is a special department for visa applications at the airport in Tanzania. An application does take some doing because you have to connect in three different rows:

  • In the first row, you request a so-called government control  number
  • You pay in the second row and receive a receipt
  • The third row is for the visa issuance

How long the application takes depends on how busy the airport is. It is advisable to get off the plane quickly and submit the application immediately. Keep a pen handy! Those who are quick will spend about twenty minutes with the application. But especially in high season, it can take longer than an hour.

For both ways, the passport must be valid for at least six months upon return from Tanzania. In addition, children traveling with one parent require a statement in English in which the other parent authorizes the trip. This and more are also stated in the preparatory travel information that we send our customers after confirmation of the trip.


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